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Going South For The Winter!

November 11, 2021
Happy older couple on the beach.

Passport. Check. Hotel itinerary? Check.
Prescription medicine? Uh, oh!

If you're going on vacation, you can’t forget your meds. Bringing them along can be complicated, especially if you're going overseas. How do you pack your pills? Can you stay on your dosing schedule? Will there be problems with security?

Managing your supply is the best way to stay on track and healthy while you travel.

After all, it is hard to secure prescriptions across continents, to transport temperature-sensitive meds, to get through customs unscathed…right? Because this is an issue that impacts so many people Pillway provides you with a solution.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Manage Your Prescriptions While You Travel

1. Plan For All Situations  

Why worry about having enough while you’re away? Talk to your Pillway pharmacist about your trip in advance. They will arrange for what you need on your behalf. You will then receive your medications in "multi-dose" packages. Your meds will be grouped into packets according to the day and time you need to take them. It makes it easier to pack into your bag and keep track of your medicine schedule.

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If you’re a member of a government plan from Ontario, B.C, or Alberta, Pillway will deliver you a 6-month supply of medications that will be delivered directly to your door before you leave. This is also true for those with private plans, as most insurance companies will accommodate.

2. Carry Them On!

Don't let your medications end up in Timbuktu. Keep your medications in your carry-on bag for safety – and for easier access on route.  

Happy senior woman waiting in airport. She is talking on her cellphone while rest her feet on her luggage.

3. Check the Temperature

On plane trips, using carry-on bags will help protect your meds from sitting out in extremely hot or cold temperatures, which can impact how well they work. Traveling by car? Never leave medicine in the glove compartment or the trunk, even inside luggage.

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4. Avoid The Sun

Some drugs, including certain antibiotics, can make you more sun-sensitive and increase your risk of sunburns. Find out if any of your medications are "photosensitive." Check with one of the Pillway pharmacists or your doctor for advice.

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5. Stay Connected To Your Health Care Team

Likely, we prepare for all kinds of situations that we might encounter while away. But what happens if you need to speak with a doctor or pharmacist while you’re away? It’s reassuring to know that with Pillway, you can speak to a Canadian Licensed Pharmacist or Doctor from anywhere.

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