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Relax With Medication Synchronization

August 15, 2022
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What is medication synchronization and how can it benefit you?
As you age, it’s likely that you’ll begin taking prescription medications to treat symptoms and remain healthy and active. While prescription medications are often helpful and needed, they can create a frustrating daily routine that is overwhelming, stressful, and difficult to keep track of.

In addition to making medication schedules difficult to remember, taking multiple medications to manage various health conditions presents a unique set of drug interaction dangers that can pose serious health threats to aging adults. When multiple medications are prescribed at separate times and for separate conditions, the risk of adverse drug interactions increases.

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If you have a busy schedule, it can be extra difficult to remember to take your medication at the correct time.  And for seniors who have a difficult time remembering to take their medications, then what?   
Even if you always remember to take your medications, it can still be difficult to remember which medications you’re taking and how many you’ll need to refill every time you head to the pharmacist.

So, what can you do to take control of the situation, relax, and enjoy life? One word. Medication management. 
To reduce stress and prevent these problems from occurring, it’s important to maintain a good medication management plan that will allow you to effectively manage each of your different prescription medications.

What is medication management?

Medication management is the process of overseeing the medications prescribed for a patient to ensure they are taken properly and achieving their planned, therapeutic outcome. The process includes initial and ongoing medication review to address safety and adherence concerns, reduce adverse drug events, educate patients, and engage patients and their caregivers.

What are the benefits of medication synchronization?

The obvious benefit is that patients don’t have to go to the pharmacy every month, which reduces stress and eliminates a potential source of anxiety. Since the average patient visits a pharmacy 35 times per year, by syncing up scripts, you can cut this number by more than half and allow more convenient prescription refills.

Medication synchronization also ensures accuracy and attention to detail. It improves patient health by ensuring you’re getting the proper medications at the right time.

More benefits of medication synchronization include:

  • Eliminating unnecessary repeat trips to the pharmacy each month, which saves time and money.
  • Minimizing confusing or conflicting refill dates.
  • Reducing delayed or missed doses due to missed refills.
  • Pharmacists have more insight into patients’ medication lists, preventing contraindications, duplicate drugs, and other issues.
  • Ensuring the right drugs work with the others and that the proper treatment plans are given.
  • Improving medication adherence.
  • Giving caregivers peace of mind.

Stop worrying about going back and forth between pharmacies, calling your doctor to renew a prescription, or waiting in line for your prescriptions. And let Pillway do everything for you.  

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Pillway makes you aware of the medications you’re taking and helps you take charge of your own health care to ensure that you remain at low risk for adverse drug interactions. When prescription medications are taken correctly, they can help you lead a vibrant life, can take a huge burden out of your life and free you up to worry about more important things – like spending time with friends and family.

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