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Pillway delivers real-time pharmacy support when it matters most and keeps you on track!
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Why Pillway

Your Connection To Healthcare

We're more than just a pharmacy!
Pillway provides convenient access to medicines, vitamins and health care support that includes pharmacy at your fingertips.

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To You

If you choose, medications are aligned to the same schedule and pre-sorted into packets by dosage, date and time. Just tear and go!
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Multiple Medication Program

A tailored program for those living with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and mental health.
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Care From Anywhere

Receive real-time pharmacy support and have your questions answered when it
matters most.
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Door To Door

We deliver the medication you need, free, so you are never without it.
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About us

Care For Your Loved Ones

Managing the care of others isn’t always easy. Our system can help with medication management and provide access to ongoing advice and support for the entire family.

Our easy-to-use App allows you to manage your family’s medications in one convenient place.

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Full circle of care

Easy Medication Management

Pillway will proactively manage all your medications, making it easier to stay on track. All services included at no extra cost.
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Medication Review

Our care team reviews your medication, will transfer prescriptions and follow up directly with you.
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Refills And Renewals

We work with your doctor to manage refills and renewals to ensure you never run out.
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Add Vitamins

We do a thorough review to ensure all medications can safely interact and also add vitamins that you may need to supplement.
Pillway app on a smart phone.

Pillway App

Manage your family's medication, receive reminders and have real-time chats directly with our care team.
How Pillway Works

Switching Is Simple

We’re there with you every step of the way.

  • 1
    Step 1

    Create your profile online or call us at
    1-833-PILLWAY and we will assist you

  • 2
    Step 2

    We review your details and keep you

  • 3
    Step 3

    We deliver your medication for free

  • Done!

    You’re all set! No more trips to the pharmacy!

Step 1

Create your profile online or call us at 1-833-PILLWAY and we will assist you

Man standing in front of large tablet, setting up a profile on Pillway Application.
Step 2

We review your details and keep you updated.

Female pharmacist checking the prescription on her tablet with a red Pillway box, medicine vile and Medicine packet sitting on top of a filing cabinet.
Step 3

We deliver your medication for free

Man checking his smart phone. A display message reads that 'medication is on its way'.

You’re all set! No more trips to the pharmacy!

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How Pillway Works

Simplify Your Treatment

Two pill bottles with medications are being poured into a single Pillway packet. Number 1 identifies the packet, number 2 identifies the date, time and medication list and number 3 identifies the personalized QR code.
  • 1

    Personalized Packets

    We sort out the perfect dose for you and clearly list all your medications.

  • 2

    Personalized Notifications

    We advise you of the exact day and time to take every dose.

  • 3

    Tear And Go!

    Each pill packet is individually packaged for you. Take it with you and tear open when needed.

Get the App

Access The Care
You Deserve

Two smart phones displaying Pillway app functions. The first screen shows a medication reminder and the second screen shows a Med Score of a multi-medication user. Three smart phones displaying Pillway app functions. The first screen shows the med score feature, the second screen shows a medication reminder and the third shows a chat between the user and the Pillway pharmacist.

You May Be Wondering


Can I do coordination of benefits with my spouse’s plan?

The coordination of benefits offers a clear framework between two insurance companies. If you have private insurance coverage, please call us to help determine who is responsible for paying a claim and in which order.


How do I talk to a Pillway Pharmacist?

You can reach us by calling, texting, or using the Pillway app on your phone. With the Pillway App, you can chat with a pharmacist whenever you need to. We’re your pharmacy and medical clinic in your pocket!


Can Pillway do specialty medications that require temperature control?

Yes, we can accommodate all medication needs including specialty medications. Depending on the temperature requirements, Pillway will ship using our Cryopaks to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained during the transit time.


Does Pillway sell OTC medications or other items?

Yes! You can order vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter meds and other pharmacy items like insulin, inhalers, creams etc. with your prescription.

We can even pack your vitamins in your daily dosage packets to make it easier for you to take them with your other medications.

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