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Pillway Gets Industry Nod

December 13, 2021
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Medicine And Med-Tech:
Bridging The Gap In Healthcare

Featured article from The Spark Magazine's Innovation Trends - Issue 13 | Medicine and Med-Tech: Bridging the gap in healthcare. By Kailee Somers

As public health experts have known for years, information is one of the most powerful tools in both prevention and treatment. Forward-thinking companies like Pillway, Deep Genomics and Phelix Al Inc. are working to bridge the gaps in healthcare using technology to improve the collection, sorting and sharing of information.

Data has quickly become the best medicine, and as the demand for and amount of clinical data increases, the need for automated processes and artificial intelligence (Al) augmented technology capable of extracting valuable information will only grow.

As an overtaxed industry (further spurred on by a global pandemic), healthcare is benefitting as our global mindset becomes increasingly digitized and people are more inclined to adopt innovative technologies capable of offering higher-quality care at reduced costs with many accessible from the comfort of home.

Some startups right here in Ontario are at the forefront of innovation in medtech and have reimagined various processes in order to improve both the patient experience and efficiencies to better accommodate the healthcare needs of the future.


When it comes to healthcare, there are many processes that have become second nature to us. For instance, after seeing the doctor we are accustomed to getting a prescription from them and taking it to a pharmacy to be fulfilled.

But as new technology is implemented, many facets of the healthcare industry are being reimagined and revamped. One Toronto-based startup has reinvented the pharmacy experience with their innovative technology platform that connects patients, healthcare professionals and their pharmacy, making a once clunky process seamless.

As a full-service digital pharmacy, Pillway is the first in Canada to provide this connection between all parties as they support individuals that require prescription medication, with a specialized focus on those that manage multiple medications a day.

By focusing on the patient experience, Pillway offers a tailored program which includes medications sorted by dosage, date and time into convenient packets that are delivered directly to patients' homes. Through the app, patients also receive medication reminders and can easily chat with Pillway's pharmacy team if they have any questions. Auto-renewed delivery ensures patients don't go without. Pillway's CEO Lak Gill says, "The goal is to help patients increase their medication adherence, allowing them to feel the best they can, despite their chronic illness."

By harnessing the power of Al in order to provide personalized around­-the-clock care for patients, Pillway is connecting patients to doctors, specialists and resources faster than ever and its multifaceted platform provides solutions for consumers, pharmacists and providers across all pharmacy services. Pillway's thoughtful integration of technology has resulted in an elevated healthcare experience for their patients and allows them to provide a full circle of care.

As a technology-first company, Pillway has a competitive edge in the space. "Where the typical digital pharmacy started off as a pharmacy and built some technology to allow them to compete in the online space, we began with building out a robust technology platform and then layered on the pharmacy piece afterwards," says Gill.

Pillway has plans to expand in the future. "We plan to be the go-to 'health hub' for people. From those wanting to lose weight to those searching for more information on heart health, and every­thing in between and beyond, we want to be where you can find reliable health information, educational plans, tips, ac­cess support, resources and check your vitals to improve your lifestyle," says Gill. "Our technology will continue to develop and support these goals."

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