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Pillway Launches New Website

November 10, 2021
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Pillway unveils new look capturing simplicity of use for patients and partners

TORONTO, November 10, 2021 - Pillway is proud to announce a completely new look for its website at that enhances the brands purpose – to make our patients’ life simpler.    

Pillway’s purpose will feature prominently in its branding, which includes a clean and modern website that signifies the digital pharmacy’s relationship with clients and the transformative role it plays in helping clients live a healthier life.  

This site will allow the digital pharmacy to better communicate with patients and partners and serve as a front door to people not yet familiar with its customized services.  

“We are excited to launch this new website and share our service with Canadians,” said Lak Gill, CEO of Pillway. “The new website provides people with more personalized and seamless care for those requiring access to a doctor or prescription in a timelier manner, to fill a prescription, regular medication management, and visitors interested in learning more about our services.” The website was designed in keeping with Pillway’s national strategy, incorporating responsive and clean design, easier access to immediate health services and resources, and improved functionality.

Explore the new website at

About Pillway:

Pillway is a tech-first, full-service virtual pharmacy that offers best in class service for individuals that require prescription medication, with a specialized focus for those who manage multiple medications per day. Reimagining the pharmacy experience, Pillway is revolutionizing today's traditional model through the thoughtful use of technology. It is the first of its kind in Canada that offers free home delivery with continued personalized around the clock care through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Pillway has built a multifaceted technology platform that provides solutions for consumers, pharmacists and healthcare providers with complete end-to-end vertical integration across all pharmacy services.

Pillway is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, and is accessible online at: and via the Apple or Android app.

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