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Pillway Makes Its Debut

June 2, 2020
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Innovative platform includes an AI-enabled engagement tool to personalize the online pharmacy experience.

TORONTO, June 2, 2020 /CNW/ - Pillway, a full service digital pharmacy solution that modernizes the traditional pharmacy through the thoughtful use of technology launched this month. The company's innovative use of AI infused technology and data offers a personalized pharmacy experience for patients who take multiple medications a day.

Beyond just pre-sorting medications and delivering to consumers' homes, Pillway uses technology to offer a holistic, full-circle approach to healthcare by staying connected with patients and their doctors, providing everything from advice and reminders to refills and renewals.

"Our technology-powered approach to digital pharmacy is simple by design," said Harveer Mahil, co-founder and chief pharmacist of Pillway. "Not only do we have deep healthcare services expertise, our exceptional understanding of artificial intelligence and the end-to-end user experience is critically important to offering a digital platform where personal care and empathy are a key focus of the business."

Pillway allows users to securely communicate with the pharmacy care team and ask any questions they may have, while the easy-to-use app offers users automatic medication reminders, stores allergy lists, benefits information and allows users to easily remain in control of their medication schedules. For healthcare professionals, the platform provides EMR integration, APIs for feedback and compliance and care provider dashboards.

As a data-driven modern pharmacy, AI is a primary investment focus for Pillway. The Pillway app leverages AI to predict users at high risk of medication non-adherence and offers them additional reminders and virtual check-ins with pharmacists. Additional AI infused features are in Pillway's roadmap that will allow for more personalized and meaningful care.

Pillway offers a simple three step process to users that includes:

  1. Packets – Pre-sort medications by dosage, date and time and packaged into customized boxes.
  2. Home Delivery – Medications are delivered straight to the door monthly at no additional cost.
  3. Connectivity –   AI driven automatic medication reminders sent through the app along with the ability to communicate virtually with Pillway's pharmacist and care team who are available for any questions or concerns.

A particularly relevant platform given COVID-19 and social distancing rules, Pillway is accepting clients through their new website and Apple and Android apps. The personalized focus offered by Pillway has never been more important than at a time when the need to eliminate retail pharmacy visits will help combat the spread of the coronavirus. Pillway's service is currently available in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta and has plans to be rolled out across the rest of Canada.  

Pillway is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists along with College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

About Pillway

Pillway is a modern pharmacy solution that brings more care to the way people take their medicine through the thoughtful use of technology. The innovative digital platform provides a simple solution that makes the lives of people who take multiple medications easier by providing personalized, around the clock care. Pillway is accessible online at and via Apple or Android app.

SOURCE Simpill Health Group Inc.

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