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Pillway Partners With Focus Mental Wellness

February 8, 2022
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Pillway partners with Focus Mental Health for better patient outcomes.

(TORONTO) – February 8, 2022

Today Pillway, Canada’s tech-first full-service virtual pharmacy, is proud to share its new partnership with Focus Mental Wellness, a virtual therapy organization that connects Canadians with qualified therapists to enhance mental wellness and improve lives.

It is well known that the most effective treatment for mental health issues is a combination of medication and concurrent support from an experienced therapist. As such, Pillway’s partnership with Focus Mental Wellness will ensure that patients are able to achieve the best outcomes possible and ultimately lead to better and happier lives.

"Right now, Canada is in the grips of a mental health crisis that not only ruins health but threatens lives and economies. The need for access to quality, timely, and culturally appropriate mental health care cannot be overstated. We’re doing our part to bridge this gap. Together with Focus Mental Wellness, we intend to make a real and powerful change." – Lak Gill, CEO, Pillway.

Pillway patients seeking online mental health support from a registered therapist will be provided access to discounted services from Focus Mental Wellness starting today!

“We’re very impressed by Pillway’s dedication to patient care and we’re excited to offer their patients access to our online therapy services to promote overall better patient outcomes. We know that therapy and medication are the most effective ways to treat mental health issues, so Focus and Pillway are a match made in healthcare heaven.” – Marion Adams CEO, Focus Mental Wellness

About Pillway

Pillway is a tech-first, full-service virtual pharmacy that offers best-in-class service for individuals that require prescription medication, with a specialized focus for those who manage multiple medications per day. Reimagining the pharmacy experience, Pillway is revolutionizing today's traditional model through the thoughtful use of technology. It is the first of its kind in Canada that offers free home delivery with continued personalized around-the-clock care through the power of Artificial Intelligence. Pillway has built a multifaceted technology platform that provides solutions for consumers, pharmacists and healthcare providers with complete end-to-end vertical integration across all pharmacy services.

About Focus Mental Wellness

Focus Mental Wellness is a virtual therapy clinic that provides secure online video, phone, and text therapy for individuals and their families struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, trauma, as well as substance abuse.  Focus Mental Wellness also offers flexible solutions for organizations looking to support their employees, members, or patients with an easy-to-use and anonymous way to access mental health and substance abuse services.

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