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The Leslie Group and Pillway Announce Partnership

October 25, 2022
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The Leslie Group and Pillway Announce Partnership

Promoting Leading Edge Technology and Cost-effective Access to a Wide Range of Offerings

Effective November 1, Canada’s tech-first, full-service digital pharmacy Pillway, and independent Employee Benefits consulting firm The Leslie Group, will partner to promote and provide plan members with cost-effective access to a convenient digital pharmacy solution.

As Pillway becomes one of The Leslie Group’s preferred provider networks, this partnership will allow 42,500 employees across Canada to enjoy savings on every prescription medication, and plan sponsors will be able to stay further ahead of the cost curve.

Pillway’s advanced technology platform enhances patient experience by providing them complete access to a pharmacy at their fingertips. Simplifying the process, Pillway’s medication management program increases medication adherence rates by pre-sorting medications according to dose, date, and time into individual packets. Patients will be able to further personalize their experience with Pillway’s free digital Pharmacy mobile app, which allows them to see their medication schedule with automatic refill reminders, have unlimited access to pharmacists and more!

According to industry statistics, difficulties in receiving needed health care services include problems with scheduling appointments, long wait times, cost, services not available in the area, and transportation. 80% of Canadians that have experienced a difficulty in accessing health care service reported that their life was negatively affected. Providing more convenient access to medicines and health care support will improve employee health, ultimately increasing productivity, as well as reducing the number of claimed sick days.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pillway, which provides our clients and plan members with an attractive and convenient digital pharmacy solution. This is an example of how The Leslie Group seeks to continuously add value for clients and incorporate strategies that contribute to plan sustainability,” said Matthieu Bedard, Vice President of Group Benefits.

“We are proud to bring on the Leslie Group as another great partner for Pillway. Their members will benefit from access to our full-service digital pharmacy along with our comprehensive chronic medication management program. We look forward to closely working with them.” said Lak Gill, CEO of Pillway.

About Pillway

Pillway, a tech-first, full-service digital pharmacy offers best-in-class service for individuals that require prescription medication, with a specialized focus for those who manage multiple medications per day. Pillway is revolutionizing today's traditional pharmacy model through the thoughtful use of technology. It is the first of its kind in Canada that offers free home delivery with continued personalized around the clock care through the power of Artificial Intelligence. Pillway’s multifaceted technology platform provides solutions for consumers, pharmacists, and healthcare providers with complete end-to-end vertical integration across all pharmacy services.

Launched in 2020, Pillway’s mission is to democratize pharmacy access by providing free, as fast as same-day prescription delivery. Pillway provides a comprehensive solution by dispensing all types of medications, including specialty, brand, generic, and topical drugs. Pillway accepts most insurances and helps with discounts whenever possible.

About The Leslie Group

The Leslie Group is an independent Employee Benefits consulting firm with clients located across Canada and has full access to the group benefits marketplace with significant leverage to negotiate effectively with all prospective insurance companies. We work with clients to manage both their existing group benefits and retirement programs and to implement new group benefits programs with competitive and sustainable pricing as well as plan designs that are competitive within our client’s industry standards, meeting the needs of both the employer and its employees.

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