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Why Pillway

More Than Just A Pharmacy!

We are your pharmacy support system, taking care of organizing and managing all medications so that you can save time and focus on providing great care.

Red Pillway box with medicine packet placed in front.

Pre-sorted Packets

All medications are aligned to the same schedule and pre-sorted into packets by dosage, date and time.
Learn more.
Pharmacist holding clip board with prescription pad in background and large pill bottle in the foreground.

Automatic Refills And Renewals

We work with the patient’s doctor to manage refills and renewals so they never run out.
Female PSW checking Pillway smart phone App.

Pillway App

Set yourself as the primary caregiver and conveniently manage all of the patient’s medication needs in one place. Learn more.
Delivery person standing in front of a house, smiling and giving a ‘thumbs up’, while holding a red Pillway box in the other hand.

Home Delivery

We deliver all medications directly to the patient’s door for free.
About us

Helping You To
Be The Best Caregiver

Managing the care of others isn’t easy. You are constantly trying to stay on top of the needs of the patient and do your best and it never feels like there is enough time to do everything.

Our system can help with medication management and provide guided support for you and the patient by our expert pharmacy care team. Save time on the hours that you normally spend on managing and organizing medications and focus on providing great care.

Three women standing together. One is a doctor with a stethoscope around her neck.  The second is a young personal care worker touching the back of the third, a senior that has a cane.
Pre-Sorted Packets

Medication Made Easy

Two pill bottles with medications are being poured into a single Pillway packet. Number 1 identifies the packet, number 2 identifies the date, time and medication list and number 3 identifies the personalized QR code.
  • 1

    Personalized Packets

    All your medications are pre-sorted into packets labelled with the day and time they need to be taken

  • 2

    Add Vitamins

    Vitamins can be added into packets along with medications

  • 3

    Tear And Go!

    No more spending hours sorting medications. Just tear and go!

Young woman and her senior mom enjoying a laugh.
Pillway app

Manage Medications In One Place

A convenient solution that saves you time.

  • Create Multiple Profiles

    Easily manage multiple people’s medication needs

  • Order And Track Medications

    Know the status of medications in just a few clicks

  • Real-Time Chat

    Chat directly with our pharmacy team to answer your questions

  • Automatic Reminders

    Receive medication, prescription refill and renewal notifications

Create Multiple Profiles

Easily manage all your clients’ medication needs

Illustration of a smart phone displaying the Pillway app multiple user feature.
Order And Track Medications

Know the status of medications in just a few clicks

Illustration of a smart phone showing the Pillway App dashboard and order tracking menu.
Real-Time Chat

Chat directly with our pharmacy team to answer your questions

Illustration of a smart phone showing a chat conversation.
Automatic Reminders

Receive medication, prescription refill and renewal notifications

Illustration smart phone displaying a notification alert.
Young woman and her senior mom enjoying a laugh.

The Pillway Difference

How we benefit YOU:
  • No more organizing multiple medications
  • Less lost time means more time for important tasks
  • Manage all medication needs in one place
  • Priority support from our pharmacy team
How we benefit the patient:
  • Pre-sorted pill packets with reminder notifications
  • Guided care, with access to a pharmacist anytime
  • We work with your doctor to manage refills and renewals
  • Fast, FREE home delivery direct to your door
Pillway Account

Getting Started Is Easy

We’re there with you every step of the way.

  • 1
    Step 1

    Create your profile online or call us at
    1-833-PILLWAY and we will assist you

  • 2
    Step 2

    We will help you to set up your account and enter the patient’s information

  • 3
    Step 3

    We deliver medications to the patient’s home

  • Done!

    You are all set! Start managing medications with a few simple clicks!

Step 1

Create your profile online or call us at 1-833-PILLWAY and we will assist you

Illustration of PSW filling out Pillway profile.
Step 2

We review your details and keep you updated.

Female pharmacist checking the prescription on her tablet with a red Pillway box, medicine vile and Medicine packet sitting on top of a filing cabinet.
Step 3

We deliver your medication for free

Delivery person ringing door bell to deliver a red Pillway medication box to customer.

You’re all set! No more trips to the pharmacy!

Illustration of a female PSW looking a laptop while holding a smart phone in her hand. In the background is a tablet with Pillway screen that displays multiple user profiles.

You May Be Wondering


What is required to switch someone over to Pillway?

All that is required is the patient’s name, contact details, date of birth and the name of their existing pharmacy. We will take care of contacting the pharmacy and transferring their prescriptions over. Your loved one is all set to start receiving their medications at home!


Can I make myself the primary contact as a caregiver?

Yes! Assign yourself as the primary contact in the patient profile, so you can stay informed about your loved one’s health and we can call you if needed.


Do you help with prescription transfers?

Yes! You can transfer a prescription by calling us directly at 1-833-PILLWAY (745-5929) or by sending a picture via the mobile app. Once we receive your request we’ll handle the rest. Our pharmacists will contact the patient’s current pharmacy directly to transfer their prescriptions over to Pillway.


Does Pillway manage prescription renewals?

Yes! We’ll contact the patient’s doctor to automatically refill prescriptions and synchronize medications so they are all on the same schedule.


Does Pillway provide other medical necessities?

Yes! We can provide all regular pharmacy items such as insulin, syringes, inhalers and vitamins if needed.


How do I talk to a Pillway Pharmacist?

You can reach us by calling us at 1-833-PILLWAY (745-5929) or texting using the Pillway app on your phone. With the Pillway App, you can chat with a pharmacist whenever you need to. We’re your pharmacy in your pocket!


Can Pillway do specialty medications that require temperature control?

Yes, we can accommodate all medication needs including specialty medications. Depending on the temperature requirements, Pillway will ship using our Cryopaks to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained during the transit time.


How long does it take to receive my medication?

Pillway delivers next business day, in most cases, as long as prescriptions are received by 4 pm. We also offer same day delivery for the Greater Toronto Area and Lower Mainland in British Columbia.


Can Pillway ship vitamins, over-the-counter meds, and other pharmacy items?

Yes! You can order vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter meds and other pharmacy items like insulin, inhalers, creams etc. with your prescription.

We can even pack your vitamins in your daily dosage packets to make it easier for you to take them with your other medications.

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