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Millions of Canadians experience skin issues.  Our clinical pharmacists can help manage dermatological issues.  Love your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.
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How can I be assessed virtually for my skin?

Our certified physicians will meet with you over video conferencing to address your skin complaints and goals of treatment.

You may also provide pictures of your skin to better allow the physician to assess your concerns. From there, the team can help to formulate a treatment plan with lifestyle recommendations, and medications if necessary.


What treatment options are available through your service?

Pillway is a fully licensed and registered pharmacy, so we can provide all Health Canada approved medications (both OTC and prescription).

Most treatment plans for dermatological conditions would recommend a gentle, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic moisturizer and cleanser. Regular sunscreen use is also very important to maintain skin health.


What are the most common skin complaints?

An inflammatory skin disorder that presents with redness, swelling and sometimes pus. Acne can be caused by build up of oily sebum and/or bacteria within pores.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis)
An inflammatory skin disorder that is characterized by skin dryness, redness, scaling and itchiness that leads to peeling skin.

An immunological skin disorder that is characterized by increased skin cell shedding and formation. This is an ongoing condition that can affect all parts of the body.


Should I use a cream or ointment?

Creams are easily absorbed into the skin and are non-greasy. They provide rapid onset of action. Creams are preferred for their aesthetic benefits since it does not form an oily barrier like ointments.

Ointments are oil-based and help to trap moisture in the skin. They are beneficial for skin areas that are very dry and scaly. Ointments are absorbed at a slower rate, which delays onset of action but prolongs the therapeutic effects because medication remains on the affected skin area for a longer period.

For scalp lesions and hair-bearing areas, lotions are the recommended base for medications.


What is the cost for the treatment? How will I receive my medications?

Our medical consultations would be covered under the Canadian provincial health plan (ie. OHIP in Ontario, or MSP in British Columbia).

All prices for prescriptions costs in Canada are regulated but benefits may differ depending on the province. Pillway is a registered pharmacy so we can also bill your private insurance directly.


Is it safe to ship medication?

Yes, it is safe to ship medication. Once your medications have shipped, you will be notified with the tracking details. Our couriers ensure the medication is given to the right person.


Are Pillway Packets recyclable and/or biodegradable?

Pillway packets are comprised of cellulose fibre (plant-based material) and a matrix of  Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).  Both the cellulose fibre and LDPE are recyclable, only the cellulose fibre is biodegradable.

How Pillway Works

Simplify Your Treatment

Two pill bottles with medications are being poured into a single Pillway packet. Number 1 identifies the packet, number 2 identifies the date, time and medication list and number 3 identifies the personalized QR code.
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    Personalized Packets

    We sort out the perfect dose for you and clearly list all your medications.

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    Personalized Notifications

    We advise you of the exact day and time to take every dose.

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    Tear And Go!

    Each pill packet is individually packaged for you. Take it with you and tear open when needed.

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