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We know that diabetes poses unique problems, which is why we rely on our extensive experience and understanding to make medication administration as simple as possible.
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Woman pricking her finger to get a glucose reading. The glucose reading is seen in a bubble next to her head.

Does Pillway carry the diabetic medication that I need?

Pillway carries all Health Canada approved diabetic medications.


Which diabetic supplies are available through Pillway?

We carry a wide array of diabetic supplies like blood glucose meters, glucose test strips, lancets, insulin pens, and pen needles.

Additionally, you can order insulin pump supplies.


How is insulin delivered to my door?

Pillway will package and ship your insulin in specialized, cold shield cryopacks. This packaging will keep insulin within its optimal cold temperatures during transit for up to 36 hours.


How can Pillway pharmacists help me manage my diabetes?

Pillway pharmacists play a vital role in diabetes care. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have been managing diabetes for many years, we are here to help.

We can recommend the right meter for you and provide meter training over the phone, or virtually to ensure that you are getting accurate and appropriate blood glucose readings.

We can communicate information to your doctor to ensure the medications that you're taking, whether oral medication or insulin, is appropriate for you.

We also provide diabetes medication reviews to ensure that all the other medications are up to date, are appropriate, and are working well for you.


How much do I need to pay for my medications and/or supplies?

Pillway supports direct billing through provincial health plans in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia and third-party private insurances.

Any remaining copays are processed digitally and securely through our website or smartphone app.


I need a refill of my medications; can I get a prescription from your pharmacy?

If you require refills, Pillway will fax your doctor or connect you to our team of doctors to authorize refills. Our pharmacist can also extend prescriptions for chronic conditions.

Either way, our team will ensure you are never without your medications.


Are Pillway Packets recyclable and/or biodegradable?  

Pillway packets are comprised of cellulose fibre (plant-based material) and a matrix of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).  Both the cellulose fibre and LDPE are recyclable, only the cellulose fibre is biodegradable. 

How Pillway Works

Simplify Your Treatment

Two pill bottles with medications are being poured into a single Pillway packet. Number 1 identifies the packet, number 2 identifies the date, time and medication list and number 3 identifies the personalized QR code.
  • 1

    Personalized Packets

    We sort out the perfect dose for you and clearly list all your medications.

  • 2

    Personalized Notifications

    We advise you of the exact day and time to take every dose.

  • 3

    Tear And Go!

    Each pill packet is individually packaged for you. Take it with you and tear open when needed.

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