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Chronic pain can cause negative physical and emotional responses.  Our caring pharmacists can provide effective strategies to help you find a faster form of relief.
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How can Pillway pharmacists help me manage my pain?

Our team of pharmacists can review your medication therapies to ensure you are on an optimal regimen to provide pain relief. The pharmacist will carefully examine all medications for both safety and effectiveness during a dialogue with the patient.

Acute or temporary pain (such as an injury) is managed differently than chronic pain (such as arthritis or nerve damage). The goal of acute pain management is to eliminate the pain while minimizing potential side effects whereas chronic pain is often reducing the pain to a tolerable level so the patient can have an improved quality of life and function.

Following the discussion, we can provide recommendations to both patients and prescribers on how to improve pain control. Start your journey towards a life of less pain by reaching out to our pharmacy team.

What are some non-drug, lifestyle recommendations to help with pain?

There are several interventions that can help with pain management. In order to reduce pressure on joints, it is always advisable to maintain a healthy body weight. To obtain a healthy body weight, regular exercise and a balanced diet are essential.

Pillway pharmacists can discuss both exercise and diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Furthermore, there are several alternative forms of medicine including massage therapy and acupuncture that can provide effective relief from arthritic pain.

Other recommendations include heat/cold therapy.

How Pillway Works

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