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Medication Management Tips While Traveling

September 13, 2022
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You're young at heart, body, and soul – and you love to see the world! But like millions of Canadians, you need to travel with some form of medication and managing complex medication schedules can be intimidating. Not to mention, dealing with airport security, new food, and drink that could negatively interact with medication, and even considering time zone changes can be challenging while away.

Prior to heading off on a travel adventure, consider these tips to help you cover all the bases in preparation for your travels!

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Consider how to transport medication

Does your medication need to be kept cold? Will high temperatures make your medication less potent? Be sure your medication is kept at a safe temperature (preferably with you) while you are travelling to ensure its potency and effectiveness. Having your medication with you can help avoid an emergency in case of travel delays or lost luggage. Let someone travelling with you know where it is in case of emergency.

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How much medication do you bring?

Did you know, some insurance companies will only pay for a 30-day supply at a time?  If you’re a member of a government plan from Ontario, B.C, or Alberta, Pillway will deliver you a 6-month supply of medications that will be delivered directly to your door before you leave. This is also true for those with private plans, as most insurance companies will accommodate.

If your medicine is not allowed at your destination, talk with your health care provider about alternatives and have them write a letter describing your condition and the treatment plan.

Medication Management

Although you may know your medication schedule from memory, when travelling internationally, jet lag can set in or if travelling to see friends and family, you may become distracted and forget to take your medication. It’s reassuring to know that with Pillway, you will receive your medications in "multi-dose" packages. Your meds will be grouped into packets according to the day and time you need to take them. It makes it easier to pack into your bag and keep track of your medicine schedule. Just tear and go! Not to mention Pillway’s app will notify you when to take your medication…. now you can just relax and enjoy your travels.

If you are travelling to a different time zone, ask your health care provider about any changes to taking your medicine. Medicines should be taken according to the time since your last dose, not the local time of day.

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Consider how new foods or drinks may interact with your medication

In your normal environment you may be aware of how your everyday food and drink interact with your medication, but when travelling, likely not. Does raw fish cause a negative interaction with your medication? What about that après dinner cocktail? Talk to your doctor or Pillway pharmacist about any potential interactions.

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What if you run out?

Counterfeit drugs are common in some countries, so only use medicine you bring from home and make sure to pack enough for the duration of your trip, plus extra in case of travel delays. But what happens if, despite your planning, you need more medication while out of the country? Contact Pillway immediately. In many cases, Pillway can ship your prescriptions to you in the U.S.

Stay connected to your health care team

Despite our best efforts in planning, things happen and sometimes we need to speak with a doctor or pharmacist while away. It’s reassuring to know that with Pillway, you can speak to a Canadian Licensed Pharmacist or Doctor from anywhere.

If you haven’t already, call Pillway at 1-833-745-5929 before leaving for your fabulous adventure.

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